G4AW at the Climate Adaptation Summit

On 25 January 2021, the Netherlands will host the Climate Adaptation Summit (CAS).
This summit of global leaders reflects the need to adapt now to the impacts of our changing climate. The CAS will help calibrate the accelerated action initiated by the Global Commission on Adaptation and leveraging further support for the global movement towards adaptation. The Summit's Adaptation Action Agenda aims to provide at least 300 million small food producers with access to agricultural advice and financial services by 2030. The Netherlands Space Office (NSO) contributes to the adaptation summit through virtual CAS side events, submitted by its Geodata for Agriculture and Water Programme (G4AW). The NSO expects to support about 4.5 million smallholders through the G4AW programme within three years.

Our side events are availabe at the CAS cinema and library as well as on our website.

Podcast: Space for Food Security does it work?

The use of digital data as an information source for farming practices has made giant leaps forwards, driven by both innovative remote sensing technologies and the exponential growth of the use of eg. mobile phones and local access to information. With climate change in action, can access to information services help farmers to adapt, and adjust their practices to the demands of this changing world and a changing climate? In a three part podcast series produced by the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) we ask ourselves: does it actually work? In this first episode we focus on the end users of the G4AW services: True clients.

Pitchfest, scalable solutions to food insecurity

Meet our partners
Science and technology can improve food security by empowering the most important actors in the food production chain. Satellite and mobile data provide the right information at the right time, empowering farmers and pastoralists to make better decisions. We support 130 private and public organisations in 25 partnerships in 15 developing countries and believe their innovations will enhance sustainable food production while benefitting smallholders. Check out this webpage and meet some of our leading partners and learn more about their scalable solutions to food insecurity.

Lessons Learned Publication
In 2013 the Netherlands Space Office (NSO) launched the G4AW Facility to create digital advisory services for smallholder food producers, based on satellite data. The recently published paper: Space for Food Security, stimulating smallholders access to emerging Agtech and Fintech markets, summarizes the first part of two publications with lessons learned from the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) Facility.
Capturing lessons learned is an on-going effort throughout the life of the G4AW programme, we learn from our failures and our successes. This paper explores the most relevant and different levels of lessons learned. It focuses on the first phase of the project, the challenges related to product design, service delivery and product/market. The second paper focuses on the difficulties projects have faced (and are facing) towards the end of the project execution and in the following (post-project) trajectory. You can find the Publication here.

Using satellites to improve smallholder resilience
The world is not on track to achieve the zero hunger target by 2030. That is why we help entrepreneurs, innovators, NGO’s and change-makers in Africa and Asia to increase and enhance sustainable food production. Are you ready to join this global transformation movement to improve food security and resilience to climate change? With combined efforts we can scale-up digital innovations for the benefit of smallholder farmers and food security across the globe! Watch the video and join us


See you at the CAS!