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The Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) approach has received broad interest from organisations all over the world. The G4AW team at the Netherlands Space Office is happy to share their knowledge and experience. Have a look at the video and find out what the G4AW programme is and how we improve the lives of smallholder farmers and pastoralists in developing countries

G4AW - Get inspired!

Solutions for smallholders

What is G4AW? In a nutshell: space solutions for smallholders to improve productivity and climate resilience. Over the course of four years, 25 partnerships have been granted financial support by the Netherlands Space Office. They have carried out G4AW projects in countries where economies and livelihoods are vulnerable and highly dependent on climate.

Satellite data for big impact

The G4AW programme has demonstrated that satellite data and simple solutions can have a big impact on the livelihoods of smallholder farmers. In 2017 we already reached 850,000 smallholders in 14 different countries, of which 250,000 livelihoods improved as a result of using G4AW services. The G4AW approach has the potential to reach 4.5 million food producers by 2022.

The time to scale is now

Smallholders, farmers and pastoralists in developing countries are often located in remote areas. Therefore, they are unable to access timely information on the effective usage of input materials, better farming practices, and financial advice. Access to such information services would ultimately result in enhanced productivity. Scaling business models require new partnerships, micro insurances and access to loans.. This is why we would like to call upon foreign investors, governments, development banks, insurance companies, foundations, and venture funds to address the needs and constraints of these farmers, providing access to G4AW-like services and enable scaling up service provision. Value chain actors are needed to open up new market opportunities and scalable solutions around G4AW-like services.

If you are interested or need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.