Finalization of the G4AW programme and looking ahead

Since 2013, the G4AW program has passionately supported 25 partnerships in 15 countries across Africa and South-East Asia. These partnerships have embraced the challenge of developing digital solutions, utilizing geodata, to sustainably improve food and income security for smallholders and pastoralists. Over ten years of implementing G4AW projects, a lot has changed when it comes to the ecosystem around digitalization for development. New satellites, creative business models, and local agtech companies have fueled the development of new services, and G4AW has played its role in opening these new markets.

The G4AW program has been sharing its lessons and is now focusing on mainstreaming and scaling the created services and concepts. To do so, NSO has requested a one-year extension to conclude the G4AW program in its current form. The final year of G4AW will focus on finding a new focus and position for future activities: how to better leverage strengths and address weaknesses.

Throughout the upcoming year, we will conduct different workshops and studies and actively engage with various stakeholders to gather their valuable inputs and insights. New policy goals and intervention pathways focus on better utilizing digitalization for development, and this has been key in our program. It is through this collaborative effort that we aim to shape effective strategies and contribute to the realization of these policy goals.