G4AWeek 2015

21 - 24 September 2015, The Hague, The Netherlands

opening van de  G4AWeek door Jacqueline Barendse The G4AWeek, organised by the Netherlands Space Offfice, brought together all G4AW projects and other stakeholders in the domain of food security and satellite data with the aim to share knowledge and identify synergies between projects and partners.

The G4AWeek started on Monday with an inspiring plenary conference where the ten new G4AW grantees presented themselves and the running G4AW projects presented their lessons learned. In the afternoon there were presentations from relevant G4AW related organisations: IFC, IFAD, GSMA, Syngenta Foundation, CABI. Tuesday to Thursday a variety of parallel sessions were planned including lunch meetings, special interest sessions and dedicated project and country meetings.

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Presentations Monday 21 September

Lessons learned G4AW grantees 1st call

  1. G4INDO (Indonesia)
  2. SUM-Africa (Mali & Uganda)
  3. CommonSense (Ethiopia)
  4. GIACIS (Ethiopia)

Presentations G4AW grantees 2nd call

  1. AgriOne (Vietnam)
  2. IDSS (Bangladesh)
  3. GEOPOTATO (Bangladesh)
  4. GEOBIS (Bangladesh)
  5. CROPMON (Kenya)
  6. GEODATICS (Kenya & Tanzania)
  7. R4A (South Africa)
  8. MUIIS (Uganda)
  9. STAMP (Mali)
  10. MODHEM (Burkina Faso)

Afternoon presentations

  1. The need of data for insurance: lessons from Bangladesh (Vijayasekar Kalavakonda - IFC)
  2. Assessing remote sensing for index insurance: the Senegal study (Emily Coleman, William Dick, Andrea Stoppa - IFAD)
  3. Developing and Implementing Agricultural Insurance: Lessons from Syngenta Foundation (Laura Johnson - Syngenta Foundation)
  4. mAgri mobile services: the business canvas model (Daniele Tricarico - GSMA)
  5. Use of open data for agriculture: PlantWise & GODAN (Phil Abrahams - CABI)


Presentations Tuesday 22 September

Open session "Advances in Remote Sensing for Agriculture"

  1. G4AW 2nd call analysis of information chain and good practices (Mark Noort - HCP International)
  2. Advances in remote sensing (Ruud Grim - NSO)
  3. GEO initiatives: GEOGLAM and AfriGEOSS (Andiswa Mlisa - GEO secretariat)
  4. STARS project (Rolf de By - University of Twente)

Open session: "Mobile  Network Operators"

  1. Added value for the customer (Daniele Tricarico - GSMA)
  2. Use of mobile advisory services - Bridging the last mile (push-pull extension) (Phil Abrahams - CABI)

Open session: "Synergies Water Management and Food Security"

  1. Intro Workshop G4AW and synergy between water and food security (Bert Satijn - NWP)
  2. Database water productivity (Jippe Hoogeveen - FAO)
  3. Pitch G4AW Water & Food Security (Andries Rosema - EARS)


Presentations Wednesday 23 September

Open session "Precision Agriculture benefits Food Security and smallholders"

  1. Precision agriculture (Altjo Medema - DACOM)
  2. Precision agriculture: what's in it for me (Tamme van der Wal - AeroVision)

Open session: "Effective monitoring evaluation"

  1. IATI (Theo van der Sande - Min. of Foreign Affairs)
  2. Monitoring & Evaluation G4AW (Victor de Lange - CREM)