Webinar: IFAD Virtual Mission - Hosted by NpM Platform for Inclusive Finance and the Netherlands Space Office

On the 30th of March 2021 the Netherlands Space Office and the NpM Platform for Inclusive Finance hosted a webinar in cooperation with IFAD (International Fund for Agricultural Development). At this webinar NSO and NpM both presented a lessons learned publication.

Since 2013, the G4AW programme has been supporting 25 partnerships in 15 countries in Africa and SE Asia that have taken up the challenge to develop digital solutions, using satellite and geodata to improve food and income security at food producer level. The major lessons learned from the last 7 years are summarized in the retrospective: Space for Food Security: Stimulating smallholders' access to emerging AgTech and FinTech markets.

NpM shared their 'Geodata for AgTech and FinTech, what have we learned' publication. For this publication they condiucted research on the use of geodata to develop financial services to smallholder farmers. The aim of the report is to increase impact investor engagement through the example of six selected projects.

At the same webinar two entrepreneurs pitched the services they created as part of the G4AW programme. Click the links to view their presentation.

AUXFIN (GAP4A); Building an ecosystem of eServices in Burundi (Download Slides)

SIPINDO (SMARTseeds); Social Enterprise (Download Slides)