Project insights

Over 120 organisations across 15 countries have initiated a total of 25 G4AW projects. Building business models for public-private partnerships to deliver information and financial services using satellite data existing ICT-technologies. Empowering the most important actors in the food production chain: farmers, fishermen and pastoralists. And serving other actors in the agricultural sector to strengthen the business case achieving financial sustainability.

All projects have the following in common:

  • Market: they tackle a well-defined and specific problem.
  • Business case: they provide financial sustainability in the long term, supported by investments done by project partners.
  • Solution: they are part of a portfolio of services, focused on a core offer with added value for clients, well-elaborated use of satellite information and other data.
  • Affordability: they provide services at low or no costs.
  • License to operate: the project results will be embedded in the local context.
  • Channel: they are built on existing delivery mechanism(s), bridging the last mile.
  • Maturity: the projects strive to reproduce services already validated elsewhere.
  • Education: they empower users by training and transfer of knowledge.
  • Cooperation: the projects bridge the entire information chain thanks to partnerships of public organisations, research institutes, private sector operators, NGOs, farmer cooperatives, satellite data/service operators, the private (agricultural) sector and transmission operators.