Good Agricultural Practices for All

GAP4A is digitizing Burundi Agriculture through G50 groups and UMVA

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Services to be provided

In Burundi there is a need for useful, accurate and realtime agricultural information in relation to the weather, variety selection, soil fertility management, integrated pest and disease management and mitigation of climate risks. GAP4A aims to address these pressing needs by delivering information services to smallholder farmers, provided by the Agri-Coach app, as well as to public institutions, agribusinesses and NGO’s provided by the Agri-Business app. Both apps will run on the same technical infrastructure tailoring the information services to the specific needs of the specific user group. The Agri-Coach app provides farmers in the field with information on: 1) WHAT crop to plant (Crop Selector), 2) WHEN to plant and implement crop management practices throughout the season (Activity Timer), and 3) HOW to do this for optimal results (Best Practices). Such information is believed to result in considerably higher yields while reducing (climate) risks and preserving water and land, increasing the income for smallholder farmers throughout the country. The Agri-Business app provides the regional or national perspective on the production factors and the agricultural sector in general. Currently this information is not available in Burundi but needed for public institutions, agri-businesses and NGO’s to serve their smallholder clients by making better and more informed decisions.

Target User Group

The Agri-Coach app will provide at least 100,000 smallholder farmers in provinces Gitega, Kayanza and Karusi with information. The Agri-Business app will provide the regional or national perspective on the production factors and the agricultural sector in general. Currently this information is collected occasionally by interview, surveys and personal meetings between government agents.

Business proposition

The project is based on a direct revenue via subscription. This means farmers pay a monthly fee for the use of the service. AUXFIN Burundi, a social enterprise legally founded in Burundi, will become the local business owner in the project. They are business owner of the UMVA platform for Burundi, that reaches 175.000 farmer households in connected G50 farmer groups. The Agri-Coach app and the Agri-Business App will be added to their portfolio, digitizing and improving the knowledge with geodata and satellite data. AUXFIN International, Waterwatch projects and The Next View intent to scale services outside Burundi, looking at but also beyond the AUXFIN network.


Lead partner:

  • AUXFIN International (Netherlands)


  • Waterwatch projects (Netherlands)
  • AUXFIN Burundi
  • Ministère de l’Agriculture et de l’Elevage (Burundi)
  • R2000+ (Burundi)
  • eLEAF (Netherlands)
  • Weather Impact (Netherlands)
  • Nextview (Netherlands)
  • IFDC (USA)

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