Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) for Farmers

IDSS are information services providing smallholder farmers with timely and reliable advice for productivity and income improvement at minimal cost

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Empowering farmers with reliable and timely information

The primary objective of Intelligent Decision Support System (IDSS) for Farmers is to significantly enhance the capacity of (smallholder) farmers, retailers and extension agents providing localized advice. The advisory services are customized, combining advanced geo-data and improved agronomic practices into actionable crop-specific advice for farmers. IDSS service will eventually empower the farmers in solving all critical problems they face due to lack of information.

IDSS services are available through different delivery channels including SMS, automated outbound calls, and an androidbased platform - Fosholi. Farmers can get advisory services on crop suitability, agronomic practices, pest and disease alerts, weather forecasts, market information, and customized notifications through the Fosholi platform. Thus, they are enabled to make informed decisions through the entire crop production cycle.

Advancing Possibilities with Information Services

Fosholi aspires to be a one-stop solution containing all relevant agricultural information about all the major crop of Bangladesh. Its services are broadly classified into the following areas:

  • Pre-Cultivation: Select the most suitable crop variety by location and soil conditions
  • Cultivation: Get accurate crop production information and pest & disease alerts in advance
  • Post Cultivation: Find locations of nearest markets, price rates, and advice on crop storage
  • Weather Forecast: Reduce crop damage using timely forecasts and disaster warnings
  • My Crop: Obtain location specific and crop specific customized agronomic advices
  • Knowledge Bank: Learn about advanced agronomic practices and technologies
  • Farmer’s Toolbox: Use advanced agricultural tools and practices for maximum productivity
  • Reach to Extension: Get answers to your queries from agriculture experts

Creating Wealth for Farmers

IDSS is being implemented in twelve districts of Bangladesh, directly reaching 96,768 farmers. These farmers regularly receive customized advisory services and updates on pre-cultivation, cultivation and post cultivation activities. They have also been educated on sustainable crop production practices and efficient use of high-quality agricultural inputs (seed, fertilizer and pesticide).

IDSS is also training agricultural input dealer-retailers and government agricultural extension service providers to touch the rest of the farmers in target regions through them. By improving availability of precise and timely advices among farmers, IDSS aspires to increase agricultural yield (up to 15%) and income (up to 20%) of its target farmers.


Lead partner:

  • ACI Agribusiness, ACI Ltd. (Bangladesh)


  • Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Bangladesh
  • Nelen & Schuurmans (Netherlands)
  • SarVision (Netherlands)
  • SNV Netherlands, Development Organisation

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ServicesCrop management adviceGood agricultural practicesPest and disease information/adviceWeather informationMarket information
Target groupsFarmer (smallholders)Agri-businessNGO
Project start2015