Mavo Diami

Mavo Diami (My Land) in Angola

The Mavo Diami social enterprise will be contributing to the acceleration of agribusiness performance leveraging geodata based information services in Angola for the benefit of smallholder farmers.

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Services to be provided

The envisaged impact of the effective use of Mavo Diami services is strengthened resilience of smallholder farmers to climate change; improved soil sustainability and land allocation; and improved self-reliance of smallholder farmers due to sustainable food production and improved income security. In turn, this will contribute to a more stable agricultural economy in Angola.

Target user group

The project will focus on two key market segments: the smallholder farmer segment and the large & commercial farm segment. The most important questions from farmers are: What to plant? When to plant? When to irrigate? When to harvest? With the help of various geodata services, farmers can make informed decisions to improve their harvests. The project aims to develop services tailored to both target user groups. The services will deliver decision support and information from different information products, being agri-weather services, agri-performance monitoring, land and crop suitability (for all farms) and irrigation support (for large & commercial farms only).

Business proposition

Mavo Diami’s key business proposition: Informed decisions improve the performance of any agri-businesses. Several revenue streams are foreseen. The approach towards farmers will likely be a freemium model, whereby Mavo Diami will offer (part of ) the service for free, or via certain free channels (such as radio). For the more tailored services also smallholder farmers will purchase the services via a subscription model for which they will start paying after a trial period.

Direct revenue will be created by selling the services (from the start of the project) via a subscription to the larger commercial farms. Additional revenue will be generated by allowing third party investors (such as agricultural input provides or other local businesses that want to activate or reach out to customers) to tap into the valuable farmer profiles and client base developed on the Mavo Diami platform. Third - the Mavo Diami data will be open via a subscription for other service providers (outside the consortium) to build their own applications on.


The Mavo Diami consortium brings together six public and private organizations, each with their own expertise.

The consortium is joined by NovaAgrolider, an Angolan enterprise, which will be the main business owner of the Mavo Diami enterprise to be established under this project.

ServicesIrrigation adviceCrop management adviceCrop selection adviceFertilizer advice
Target groupsFarmer (smallholders)Agri-business
Project start2019