Information services for coffee farmers in Vietnam

GREENcoffee are information services improving the production, income and food security of coffee farmers in Vietnam

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Target user group

The GREENcoffee project will target the coffee smallholders in Dak Lak, Gia Lai, Kon Tum and Lam Dong provinces where 80% of the coffee growers live, 30% of them belonging to ethnic minority groups. Water resources are essential for the high yields obtained by Robusta farmers in Viet Nam. Coffee farmers expressed their need for more specific information on weather, rain and humidity forecasts, daily coffee prices and price forecast, farming techniques, extreme weather conditions, pests and diseases.

Services to be provided

GREENcoffee will implement a financial sustainable information service that supports 100,000 coffee farmers in Central Highlands of Vietnam to increase their production, income, security and to reduce the inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. The services target on specific information on weather, rain and humidity forecasts, daily coffee prices and price forecast, farming techniques, extreme weather conditions, pests and diseases via SMS services. Various other B2B services will generate additional revenues such that subscription fees for smallholder farmers can be kept affordable. The services can easily be extended for other types of crops and/or implemented to other regions in Vietnam. As a results of climate change, coffee farmers have faced excessive rains and prolonged dry seasons. These droughts as well as irregular rainfalls in the Central Highlands tend to be more serious over the last years. Drought conditions have caused widespread production losses on coffee smallholdings and household water shortages. Overall rainfall volume is sufficient for Robusta coffee, but uneven yearly distribution means Robusta coffee requires irrigation to achieve high yields. Climate risk is also interlinked with quality and pests or diseases. Some farmers in Dak Lak have reported significant reductions in yields and high control costs that have put in doubt the economic viability of their farms. GREENcoffee will deliver the following services via interactive SMS and mobile phone app to smallholder farmers and other clients: Crop Calendar, Good Agricultural Practices and Market Information.

Business proposition

The project will assess several business propositions, depending on the communication channel used to the coffee farmers and other clients such as coffee companies, coffee certifiers and government departments. Revenues will come from service fees (differentiation per service) and possibly from other revenue streams. Coffee farmers will be reached through regional ERIPT offices in districts and existing information kiosks and through the existing network of UTZ and governmental extension offices. Promotion will be supported by radio programs on agriculture.


The GREENcoffee consortium consists of the following public and private organizations, each with their own expertise:

Lead Partner:

  • ICCO South East Asia


  • AKVO (Netherlands)
  • MARD/IPSARD (Vietnam)
  • eLEAF (Netherlands)
  • MARD/NIAPP (Vietnam)
  • ERIPT (Vietnam)
  • Nelen and Schuurmans (Netherlands)
  • Rainforest Alliance (Netherlands/Indonesia)
  • WaterWatch Projects (Netherlands)

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ServicesCrop management adviceGood agricultural practicesPest and disease information/adviceWeather informationMarket information
Target groupsFarmer (smallholders)
Project start2016