Satellite data for rice farmers in Vietnam

Sat4Rice are financially sustainable (free) information services for rice crop management with scaling potential to other regions and crops

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Services to be provided

The Mekong Delta in Vietnam is one of the largest rice producing regions in the world, fulfilling an important role in global food security. Enduring the effects of climate change, rice producers struggle to maintain a sustainable rice production. This harms both the quality and quantity of rice harvests. Sat4Rice (satellite data for rice producers) aims to improve rice production in the whole Mekong Delta, by providing satellite data driven information services. These information services increase the effectiveness of existing extension services to smallholder rice farmers. Loc Troi Group’s (LTG) extension workers, the ‘Farmers Friends’, are provided with near real-time data on production, inputs and environmental factors. Satellite data and field observations are integrated in a geodata platform, that is accessible through a browser-based smartphone app (progressive web app). This raises awareness, builds resilience of local communities and improves the efficiency of inputs for rice production in the Mekong delta such as water, fertilizer, and pesticides.

Target group

The project aims to reach a minimum of 300 000 smallholder rice farmers in the Mekong Delta, particularly in the An Giang and Soc Trang provinces. After the project, the service will be scaled-up further, to reach millions of rice farmers in the Mekong Delta and beyond.

Business proposition

Sat4Rice achieves a strong business proposition by adding value on multiple places in the value chain. Farmers’ income increases due to improved rice farming conditions, whereas rice processors (like LTG) benefit from more efficient logistics and use of resources. Partners in the value chain profit from the extensive and detailed agricultural database of Sat4Rice. Key indicators are calculated every day, using latest satellite images and field observations. This provides the following information services to all value chain partners:

  • Field characteristics and administrative data
  • Rice growth monitoring, forecast and use of inputs
  • Pest and diseases observations and risks
  • Flood monitoring and field preparation

After the project, the Sat4Rice information services are provided by Loc Troi Group, with technical support from the consortium partners. Additionally, Sat4Rice is exploring further collaboration with value chain partners in sustainable rice production to strengthen its impact on the sector and extend its reach, potentially to other commodities such as coffee.


Lead partner:

  • VinaNed (Netherlands)


  • Can Tho University (Vietnam)
  • Loc Troi Group (Vietnam)
  • Ministry and Department of Agriculture (MARD/DARD) (Vietnam)
  • Nelen & Schuurmans (Netherlands)
  • SarVision (Netherlands)

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ServicesCrop management adviceFertilizer adviceIrrigation adviceGood agricultural practicesPest and disease information/adviceFlood mitigation advice
Target groupsFarmer (smallholders)
Project start2015