Myanmar Mobile Value Added Services for Agriculture

MYVAS4AGRI is connecting farmers and agriculture professionals in a single platform

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Services to be provided

Myanmar Mobile Value Added Services for Agriculture is an innovative agri-mobile application that aims to build a community between farmers and agricultural professionals on a single digital platform. Farmers will have at their fingertips data on current and projected weather conditions, alerts regarding weather events and epidemics, up to date information on prices of agricultural inputs and products, and instant access to trained staff to answer their questions. Myanmar has ample agricultural land, but low productivity and thus income. Farmers face climatic challenges and recurrent disasters, and lack critical information on cropping systems, agricultural inputs and market conditions. Fortunately, more than 80% of the population, including 32 million farmers, have access to smart phones. More than 63% of mobile connections that are broadband (3G/4G). This creates the opportunity to provide key information to farmers via a mobile platform. The mobile application Htwet Toe (‘Higher Yield’), will provide farmers with key information that meets the needs they have expressed, including information relating to weather conditions, market prices, as well as quick responses to farmers’ questions concerning farming issues, particularly pests and diseases, and ultimately access to finance. At the same time, agricultural suppliers and other data users will be able to use the platform to obtain information on farming data to enable them to more adequately meet market demand for products and services.

Target User Group

The project aims to reach 850,000 farming families/food producers in Sagaing, Bago, Magway and Mandalay Regions, and southern Shan state. These regions and states cover the whole of the Dry Zone and part of the Delta, the two key agricultural zones in the country. Most users are smallholder farmers, with less than a hectare of land.

Business proposition

Htwet Toe provides free of charge information services to farmers. For Awba and other agricultural suppliers, offering these services free-of-charge will create loyalty towards their products and therefore add value to their range of agricultural products and services. Village Link will also be monetising the database and its support services. The customers that will be targeted as part of the business case will be organisations, NGOs, financial institutions, input suppliers, insurance companies and other organisations and commercial entities that are willing to pay for services rendered to smallholder farmers or that are interested in using farmer data and get farmer insights.


Lead partner:

  • Myanma Awba Group (Myanmar)


  • Department of Agriculture (Myanmar)
  • Miaki (Myanmar)
  • SarVision (Netherlands)
  • TerraSphere (Netherlands)
  • Village Link (Myanmar)
  • Weather Impact (Netherlands)

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ServicesCrop management adviceGood agricultural practicesPest and disease information/adviceWeather informationMarket information
CropsRiceGreen and black gramMaizeGroundnutPotatoSesame
Target groupsFarmer (smallholders)
Project start2018