Innovative advisory services to smallholder farmers

Geodatics will provide smallholder farmers with a tailor made fertilizer advice, market information and farm management support

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Services to be provided

Geodatics is a social business start-up that integrates geodata, satellite data and farm typologies into tailor made advice for smallholder farmers. Geodatics aims to provide more than 200,000 smallholder farmers with tailor made fertilizer advice, market information and farm management support. This will help optimize the nutrient application and increase their farm income and production.

  • Geodatics collects data that is valuable for smallholder farmers.
  • Geodatics processes the data in-house into tailor-made advice for individual farmers and spreads this information to the farmer through a mobile platform and SMS system. The tailor made advice will be supported by general agronomic advice.
  • Geodatics will provide a helpdesk for farmers to support a successful implementation of the advice.

Target group

Geodatics first of all offers its services to businesses that provide products or services to smallholder farmers - our main target group. Business clients such as Agrics in Tanzania and Kenya will help Geodatics to reach new farmers. Consequently, these businesses will be enabled to optimise their business activities with the information they receive about suppliers, markets, production volumes etc. A second potential client group is formed by industrial clients that are not in contact with smallholder farmers, but who will have interest in the data that Geodatics will generate. They can use this to optimise their own business activities such as buying and selling, offering crop insurances and arrange stock financing.

Business proposition

Agrics Ltd TZ and KE, being partners in Tanzania and Kenya but also business clients, already have cost and payment systems for smallholder farmers in place. Therefore Geodatics focuses on this cooperation for the first period. Agrics also secures a market and network that has direct contact with the farmers.

After the intitialisation period, Geodatics will offer its services to other businesses for smallholder farmers (business clients) and also to businesses that have interest in the data for their internal operations (industrial clients). Business and industrial clients will pay a percentage per transaction or a yearly fee, depending on their role and type of business.


Lead partner:

  • ICS (Investing in Children and their Societies) (Netherlands)


  • Agrics Kenya
  • Agrics Tanzania
  • Biomass Research (Netherlands)
  • Manobi (Senegal)
  • Wageningen University Plant Production Systems Group (Netherlands)

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CountryKenya, United Republic of Tanzania
ServicesCrop management adviceFertilizer adviceGood agricultural practicesWeather information
Target groupsFarmer (smallholders)Agri-business
Project start2015