Feed the Future

Feed the Future is the U.S. Government’s global hunger and food security initiative addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty. With a focus on smallholder farmers, particularly women, Feed the Future supports countries in developing their agriculture sectors as a catalyst to generate broad-based economic growth and to reduce hunger. In alignment with the Global Health Initiative, Feed the Future also integrates nutrition interventions to support improved health.

Led by USAID, Feed the Future draws on the strengths of agencies across the U.S. Government and leverages resources and efforts with multilateral organizations, NGOs, the private sector, research institutions and other stakeholders to accelerate inclusive agricultural growth.

Feed the Future aims to:

  • Help 18 million vulnerable women, children, and family members escape hunger and increase their incomes.

  • Reach 7 million children with highly effective nutrition interventions to prevent stunting and child mortality.

Website: FeedtheFuture.gov