Satellite data for rice farmers in Vietnam (Sat4Rice)

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Services to be provided

Financially sustainable (free) information services for rice crop management with scaling potential to other regions and crops

Vietnam is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world and among the countries that are hit the hardest by climate change. The Mekong Delta region is a vulnerable region, but also one of the largest rice producing regions in the World. The An Giang and Soc Trang provinces are two of the most important rice producing provinces.

Sat4Rice (Satellite data for rice farmers/production) aims to improve the effectiveness of existing extension services and output of (smallholder) rice farmers in the Mekong Delta. This will be done by enriching the existing basic agricultural information with advanced geodata. It will help raise awareness, provide knowledge and build resilience of local communities. The efficiency of inputs for rice production in the Mekong Delta, e.g. water, fertiliser and pesticides, will also be improved.

Target group

At the end of the project period, 300 000 rice farmers in the Mekong Delta and Soc Trang and An Giang provinces in particular are reached. After the project ends, the service will be scaled-up further, to reach around 12 million rice farmers in the Mekong Delta and beyond.

Business proposition

Sat4Rice will implement a financially sustainable information service, hosted by Loc Troi (LT) Group, with support from public private Dutch and Vietnamese partners. After the project the service can easily be implemented to other regions/countries and for other types of agriculture.

This project will significantly improve the information that LT Group distributes to rice farmers. Integration of satellite data with local measurements and use of advanced geoprocessing techniques will provide high quality information.

The information services will cover:

  • Crop management advisory (e.g. choice of varieties, rotation, timing and quantity of fertilizer use)
  • Pests and diseases advisory (e.g. observed and predicted spread)
  • Drought and salinity advisory (e.g. timing of water use, irrigation frequency and quantity)
  • Flood mitigation advisory (e.g. risks and potential damage reduction)

After the project, the operational service is hosted by LT Group with support from Dutch and Vietnamese partners. If successful in these two provinces, the Sat4Rice partnership intends to scale-up in the entire Mekong Delta and the rest of Vietnam. In addition to rice farming, the partnership will explore broadening of the services to other types of agricultural services like coffee. Also, service provision to other countries, e.g. Cambodia and Myanmar, will be explored.


Lead partner:

  • VinaNed (Netherlands)


  • Can Tho University (Vietnam)
  • Loc Troi Group (Vietnam)
  • Ministry and Department of Agriculture (MARD/DARD) (Vietnam)
  • Nelen & Schuurmans (Netherlands)
  • SarVision (Netherlands)
CategoryCrop advisory service
RegionSoutheast Asia
Period2015 - 2018
Targeted end userssmallholder rice farmers in the Mekong Delta